Accomodation or Confrontation?

Accomodation or Confrontation? I recently watched, once again, a video presentation of Dr. Francis Schaeffer’s last public meeting before he died in 1984. I was stunned, again, by the precision of his insights into his era, and ours. Dr. Schaeffer’s last two books, The Great Evangelical Disaster and A Christian Manifesto, were nothing short of prophetic. As he approached his death, after fifty years of his ministry, he...

“Values?” or “Morals?” Which is it?

“Values?” or “Morals?” Which is it? Ravi Zacharias has pointed out, and it is interesting to note, that it was Friedrich Nietzsche, the avowed Atheist and God-hater, who is responsible for the cultural shift in using the term “Values” instead of “Morals.” We hear about about “Family Values” or “Voter Values.” Really though, a “Value” is simply something that is important to...

Total Truth — by Nancy Pearcey (A Review)

Total Truth By Nancy Pearcey Copyright 1999 Crossway Books ISBN: 0-8423-1808-9 ISBN: 978-1-59644-336-5 (Audio Book) This book is the follow up to the bestselling book that Nancy wrote with Charles Colson entitled, “How Now Shall We Live?”. Total Truth is a kind of magnum opus for Nancy Pearcey who has spent many years writing essays on the topics of Science and Philosophy. Total Truth sets out...

How Did the Church Disconnect from Truth? — Francis Schaeffer

How Did the Church Disconnect from Truth? — Francis Schaeffer Dr. Francis Schaeffer, a brilliant Christian philosopher who died in 1984, gives great insight to the Postmodern crisis we are experiencing within the church today. He explains how Thomas Aquinas opened the door for an Epistemological compromise between the Bible as an authority on one hand and Aristotelian philosophy being an equal viewpoint on the other hand. This mixture, known as Syncretism,  led to...

Becoming Conversant with the Emerging Church – Dr. D.A. Carson (Review)

Becoming Conversant with the Emerging Church (Understanding a Movement and Its Implications) By D.A. Carson For a number of years now (since about 1995), I have been studying postmodernism (a sociological cultural shift that has influenced Western thought and behavior since the 1950s-1960s), and I have known the it was just a matter of time before postmodernity made its way down through philosophy, to the...

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