The World is Flat

The World is flat. That isn’t necessarily a good thing. When Postmodernism (more correctly “Anti-Modernism”) emerged, it successfully dethroned notions of hierarchy, structure, authority and pyramid-shaped leadership. Instead of “teachers,” you should have “facilitators.” Instead of lectures you now have discussions and conversations. No one  is deemed to have a...

Truth: Modernism vs. Postmodernism

In our Postmodern era, many young people have become uncertain about virtually everything. When we do Christian Apologetics, there is often a prior step we need to take before we can convince someone to believe the Bible. Before they can believe the Bible, they must believe that truth exists and that it is knowable. If you don’t believe that objective truth exists, and that you can know it with at...

What is Post-Postmodernism?

After the Protestant Reformation, a new ethos pervaded the Western world. Christianity began to infiltrate every aspect of culture, from the Arts to Literature, from Philosophy to Science. But then French Enlightenment thinkers like Voltaire, Rousseau and Decartes began to assert that we could know truth and reality apart from revelation; we could be good without God. When Charles Darwin published...

The Death of Truth (Understanding Postmodernism)

If you have been hearing about these terms, “Modern” and “Postmodern” but aren’t certain where to begin, The Death of Truth, (Dennis McCallum, General Editor),  is a great place to start. The topics are dealt with in a scholarly manner, but are explained in an easy enough manner for the common person to understand. One of the most helpful aspects of the book are the wonderful charts, that give a great...

How Did the Church Disconnect from Truth? — Francis Schaeffer

Dr. Francis Schaeffer, a brilliant Christian philosopher who died in 1984, gives great insight to the Postmodern crisis we are experiencing within the church today. He explains how Thomas Aquinas opened the door for an Epistemological compromise between the Bible as an authority on one hand and Aristotelian philosophy being an equal viewpoint on the other hand. This mixture, known as Syncretism,  led to...

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