Legal Does NOT Mean Moral!

Legal Does NOT Mean Moral! In much of Western Culture, there is a belief that if something is legal, it must be morally acceptable. Why do people think this way? In a previous post, I talked about how Friedrich Nietzsche shifted our cultural vocabulary away from speaking about morals (which are objective), to talking about “values,” (which are subjective). When morality becomes relativized (the belief that there is no...

Evil Proves the Existence of God

Evil Proves the Existence of God Whenever something terrible happens on the news, like the murder of innocent people, atheists¬†often rage¬†and say, “This proves that God does not exist, because if God is good and all-powerful, then He would stop all of the evil in the world.” The truth, however, is exactly 180 degrees in the opposite direction. The existence of evil in the world can only be adequately explained within Theism...

Should We Expect Non-Christians to be Moral?

Should We Expect Non-Christians to be Moral? I have been hearing a lot lately, “We shouldn’t expect non-Christians to live like Christians. They don’t know God, so they sin. That’s what sinners do. Stop expecting them to be moral.” Or even, “God’s laws apply to Christians, but they don’t apply to non-Christians.” Is this thinking Biblical? Should we refuse to mention to non-Christians that they...

William Lane Craig & Sam Harris debate at Notre Dame University / Does Good Come From God?

On April 7, 2011 Dr. William Lane Craig and Sam Harris met to debate on the topic: “Does Good Come From God?” Having personally seen a Dr. Craig in person at a previous debate (with liberal author, Bishop John Shelby Spong), I can attest that he is one of the truly great Christian Apologists of our times. Sam Harris, considered to be one of the “Four Horsemen” of Atheism, is...

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