Johannes Kepler on Mathematics, Astronomy, Harmony and Worship

Johannes Kepler on Mathematics, Astronomy, Harmony and Worship As I’m working on a writing project this week, I have been reading through some of Johannes Kepler’s book, Harmonices Mundi (Harmonies of the World) (1619).   Kepler was discussing a fascinating correlation he discovered between the interdependence of planetary motion, geometry, and musical harmony. Admittedly, I am, intellectually, to Kepler what a paper airplane is to a fighter jet. So many...

God and Math?

God and Math? Math? How can math be presented biblically? What does God have to do with math? Most of us view math as a neutral subject. Neutral means indifferent or “not engaged on either side; not aligned with a political or ideological grouping.”[1] We regard math as a subject “not engaged” and “not aligned” with either biblical or worldly thinking. Believing that math is independent from God, we approach math as a...

God and Stephen Hawking (John Lennox refutes “The Grand Design”)

I was reading an excellent article this morning by Dr. John Lennox, professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford, refuting the concepts contained in Dr. Stephen Hawking’s book, The Grand Design. The article was contained in Dr. Ravi Zacharias’ fine publication, Just Thinking. http://www.rzim.org/just-thinking/stephen-hawking-and-god/ Having read Stephen Hawking’s book, I thought...

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