Should We Expect Non-Christians to be Moral?

Should We Expect Non-Christians to be Moral? I have been hearing a lot lately, “We shouldn’t expect non-Christians to live like Christians. They don’t know God, so they sin. That’s what sinners do. Stop expecting them to be moral.” Or even, “God’s laws apply to Christians, but they don’t apply to non-Christians.” Is this thinking Biblical? Should we refuse to mention to non-Christians that they...

The Rule of Law – Chief Justice Roy Moore

The Rule of Law – Chief Justice Roy Moore Alabama’s Chief Justice, Roy Moore, is in the news again. A few weeks ago, a federal court in Mobile, AL ruled that that state’s ban on homosexual marriage was unconstitutional. Today, that ban is to be lifted, allowing for same-sex couples to obtain legal marriage status in the state. Justice Moore has encouraged probate justices across the state to defy the federal court order, claiming it...

Obama’s “Safe Schools” Czar, Kevin Jennings is Leaving

Kevin Jennings Kevin Jennings, a homosexual who was appointed by President Obama as his “Safe Schools” Czar is leaving his office at the U.S. Department of Education in July to become the new President of Be The Change, a non-profit organization. Prior to his time in the Administration, Mr. Jennings founded and led the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, or GLSEN, the leading national...

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