Can We Trust the New Testament? — Bart Erhman critiqued by William Lane Craig

A friend of mine wrote to me yesterday to recommend a book by Bart Erhman, a man who speaks and writes on the texts of the Bible, and the quality of the New Testament manuscripts. Her letter caused me to reflect on Ehrman’s popularity, especially in academic circles, and I thought I should share a bit about him here. Mr. Erhman was a confessing Born-Again, Evangelical as a teenager, went to Moody...

Narrative Theology — A Subtle Deception

Hi Israel, Our friends’ son (a homeschooled young man raised in a Christian home) now states that he is not a Christian, doesn’t believe that Jesus lived and the Bible, to him, is just another old book. Very sad but it was coming.. He had joined the emergent church several years ago.. Wonder if this is a common thing for those who move to the emergent church? (A concerned friend) A big part of...

The Kingdom of God is Within You – Leo Tolstoy (Review)

The Kingdom of God is Within You by Leo Tolstoy, was written in 1894 and published in Germany, where liberal theology or “Higher Criticism” had already taken a foothold. Since Tolstoy used much of this book to lambaste the Russian government, I’m sure the Germans were all too happy to help the manuscript discover the light of day. Tolstoy seems to very anti-institutional in his overall worldview. In this...

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