Becoming Conversant with the Emerging Church – Dr. D.A. Carson (Review)

Becoming Conversant with the Emerging Church (Understanding a Movement and Its Implications) By D.A. Carson For a number of years now (since about 1995), I have been studying postmodernism (a sociological cultural shift that has influenced Western thought and behavior since the 1950s-1960s), and I have known the it was just a matter of time before postmodernity made its way down through philosophy, to the...

The Bravehearted Gospel — Interview w/ Eric Ludy

A while back I was able to interview a dear brother in Christ, Eric Ludy about our need for a “Bravehearted Gospel.” Eric is doing a phenomenal work for the Kingdom of God and I am pleased to call Eric a friend and fellow-warrior for the cause of Truth. Israel Wayne: In your book, The Bravehearted Gospel, you say that the current version of the gospel being presented in America has “lost the...

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