God’s Not Dead

In the movie, God’s Not Dead, college freshman Josh Harper has his sights set on a future law degree. In order to acquire the necessary credits to achieve his academic goals. Harper signs up for a Philosophy class that is taught by a professor who is notoriously hostile to Christianity. The professor offers an assignment to his class asking them each to affirm the statement, “God is...

College vs. Christianity? — Collegiate Impact

As someone who works in the field of Christian Apologetics, I often hear the sad stories of students who, after a semester or two of college, declare themselves to be Atheists or Agnostics. Many Christian parents are wondering how to navigate these difficult waters with their young adults. I want to introduce to you, Dave Warn, and Collegiate Impact, a Christian campus ministry that is here to help....

Summit Ministries – Interview w/ John Stonestreet

I wanted to introduce you to the work of Summit Ministries and in particular a popular speaker / worldview teacher named John Stonestreet. If you have not yet heard of him, just hang in there. You are going to be hearing a LOT more from this guy! He is becoming one of the most in-demand experts on the topic of developing a Biblical worldview. Check out his work, and consider sending your teenager to a...

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