Who was the real St. Patrick?

Who was the real St. Patrick? Who was the real St. Patrick? You might be surprised at what you learn about this early Christian evangelist from the 5th Century. He wasn’t Irish. He was never officially declared a “Saint” by the Roman Catholic church. He experienced life as a slave for six years. He never chased any snakes (because Ireland never had snakes!). He did, however, convert to Christianity and became one of...

Two Ways American Christians have Impoverished Themselves

The reporter asked the man on the street, “What you think about the rampant¬†Ignorance and Apathy of our day?” To which the man replied, “I don’t know and I don’t care.” It is one thing when you have something important taken from you by force. We call that tyranny. It is another when you voluntarily throw it away because you don’t value it. The ignorant and...

Play the Man! – Hugh Latimer (Christian Martyr)

Hugh Latimer was an English Reformer who lived from 1485 to 1555. Martin Luther posted his 95 Thesis in 1517 and John Calvin wrote his Institutes of the Christian Religion in 1555. Latimer was originally a Roman Catholic priest who was educated at Cambridge. Being a staunch Papist, Latimer initially debated the “new” doctrines of Justification by Faith (in particular the teachings of Philipp...

Royal Wedding Hymn (Guide Me — Story Behind the Song)

Sung by Prince William, Catherine (Kate) Middleton, the Royal Family, and all of the wedding guests (okay, most of them just kind of moved their lips) you might like to know the history and legacy of this once popular hymn: Encouraged by the Welsh Methodists to update their hymnal, William Williams Pantycelyn (1719-1791, an aspiring hymn writer penned his most famous song “Guide Me, O Thou Great...

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