Are Some Sins Worse than Others?

Are Some Sins Worse than Others? There is a popular belief among many people (including Christians) that all sins are equal to God and, therefore, should be viewed as equal to all of us as well. I often hear people say that, if you have any sin in your own life, you shouldn’t speak against sin in someone else’s life. The argument goes that if you have a problem with gossip, you can’t say anything about someone...

Should We Expect Non-Christians to be Moral?

Should We Expect Non-Christians to be Moral? I have been hearing a lot lately, “We shouldn’t expect non-Christians to live like Christians. They don’t know God, so they sin. That’s what sinners do. Stop expecting them to be moral.” Or even, “God’s laws apply to Christians, but they don’t apply to non-Christians.” Is this thinking Biblical? Should we refuse to mention to non-Christians that they...

Was Jesus a Socialist?

Was Jesus a Socialist? I was asked to speak at a Christian conference in Ontario, Canada on the topic of “Biblical Economics.” The lecture was going along just fine until I mentioned that from a Biblical standpoint, the civil government was NOT to be involved in health care in any way. That’s when things got a bit hostile. People began yelling out objections in the middle of my presentation. We went back in...

Church Talk not in the Bible

Church Talk not in the Bible Have you ever stopped to consider how many “church words” we use that aren’t found anywhere in the Bible? I’m going to share with you a partial list of terms that Christians say all the time, that you will NOT find in the Word of God. I concede that SOME of these principles are rooted in the teachings of the Bible, the terms, however, are not. MANY of the concepts are not at all...

He’s Sick, Not Sinful

He’s Sick, Not Sinful Consider this: Why is it that people only excuse their bad behavior on mental illness, but never their good. Whenever they help a little old lady across the street, or give money to a poor neighbor to help with rent, that always gets chalked up to their own moral goodness.It’s only when they kill, or steal, or lie, or commit suicide that people┬ástart talking about it being something quite apart from...

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