The Foundations – Ken Ham DVD set (A Review)

Ken Ham is the nation’s leading spokesperson for Young Earth Creationism (YEC). Ken has spoken at hundreds and hundreds of events all over the world, talking about how all of the major doctrines of the church, and issues we face in life, have their origins in the book of Genesis. While Answers in Genesis had previously released teaching videos from Mr. Ham on his key topics, they realized that they needed to revise and update those teachings with new state-of-the-art technology and graphics. So they released a newer series entitled, “The Foundations (Psalm 11:3)“. This set contains 12 sessions (30-minutes each) on 6 DVDs. The topics addressed are (each in two parts): Death the Enemy In Six Days Always Ready (Evangelism and Apologetics) One Blood, One Race (Racism) The Relevance of Genesis Revealing the Unknown God As a staunch YEC adherent myself, and as a parent, I want my children to have the opportunity to hear these teachings as a part of a well-rounded instruction on the topic of origins. I believe that a personal Creator God made everything that exists in six literal 24-hour days, but I also teach my children the theory of Evolution, and the Intelligent Design models as well. They need to be presented with all of the views while they are still in my home, so we can discuss them and they won’t be caught off guard later when they hear views that oppose my personal beliefs. I don’t want them to wonder, “Why didn’t Dad tell me about this view? I wonder what he is trying to hide?” I would challenge parents who believe in Intelligent Design (but not a personal Creator), or unguided Macro-Evolution, or other various Old-Earth views of origins, to do what I do and introduce your children to all of the competing theories. I believe you owe it to your children to allow them to hear the YEC model taught and defended, and no one is more famous for teaching that approach than Ken Ham. This is a video set that needs to be a part of your home, Christian school or church library. The DVD set also comes with a Leader Guide and a Participant Guide for group study. Recommended for ages 12-adult. Israel Wayne is an Author and Conference Speaker and the Director of Family Renewal, LLC. He is also the Site Editor for...

Interview with Buddy Davis of Answers in Genesis

One of my favorite people in Christian ministry today is Buddy Davis. I first met Buddy and Kay (briefly) when he was speaking in my home state of Michigan in about 2008 or so. He was speaking at a wild game dinner for hunters and outdoorsmen. A lot of the people in attendance were only there to hear stories about hunting big game, and Buddy’s wilderness adventures. But, as he does, Buddy turned the topic to Salvation by faith in Christ alone. It was great to see his boldness and courage in representing Christ, and upholding the authority of Scripture, even to unbelievers. Our children love his books and his music CDs and DVDs. I highly recommend that you have Buddy in to speak at your church, camp or conference. Also, check out Buddy’s blog and his Facebook page (which is one of my favorite social media pages; there is always something inspiring!). Now you can get to  know him better, through this exclusive interview. — Israel Wayne Israel Wayne: How did you get involved in Creation ministry? Buddy Davis: My Creation ministry came about as a result of sculpturing dinosaurs. When I first started sculpturing I believed in evolution. I was a Christian, but all I ever heard was evolution and I accepted it. Early on, an insurance agent stopped by my sculpturing studio and asked if he could give me some literature on creation from the Institute of Creation Research. I agreed and when I read the material, it was like a drink of water in a desert. I could believe the Bible when it talked about Creation! I didn’t have to believe in evolution. I was so excited and I kept reading and studying. There were many scientists who believed in Creation. My dinosaur models drew youth groups from area churches and when the pastor’s saw I had answers about dinosaurs, they invited me to come and speak to their congregation. That started my journey into the Creation ministry. In 1994, I met Ken Ham who had just started Answers in Genesis ministries in Kentucky. He did a conference in my home town of Mt. Vernon, Ohio. After the conference, I showed him my dinosaur models and played him a song that I had written called, “He Makes Dreams Out of Nothing”. That evening opened up my music ministry as well as getting an opportunity to start my children’s ministry. Israel Wayne: How did you begin to do...

“The Lie: Evolution” – by Ken Ham (Review)

(Genesis – The Key to Defending Your Faith) Ken Ham is one of the leading Christian apologists of our day, and his book, The Lie: Evolution, is a great resource for every Christian library. Ken explains how science cannot prove where the universe came from (because the theory of origins relates to a historical event which cannot be observed or duplicated through modern scientific methods), and how both evolutionists and creations begin with a philosophical belief (faith) and both camps observe the same evidence. So the so called, “Religion vs. Science” debate is really a misnomer. Ken discusses how almost all of our current social issues are impacted by our beliefs about creation or evolution. He also chronicles how modern churches have adopted an approach of accommodation, and have tried to accept evolution while adding God into the evolution story. Ken gives Biblical, scientific and reasonable philosophical arguments to demonstrate why this position is unsound and unnecessary. Also included is an appeal to pastors and Christian workers to review their approach to evangelism. Without the foundation of Genesis, we are leaving out a major part of the gospel story (the fall of mankind into sin, and therefore separation from God). While the cross of Christ is central to the gospel, Genesis is foundational for explaining why Christ had to suffer and die in our place. For those who have been influenced by the gap theory, the day-age theory, progressive creation or any number of other Biblical compromises, The Lie: Evolution will give compelling reasons to trust a literal account of a young earth and a 24 hour, six day creation. Also helpful (for those who like reviews!), is an appendix section where Ken recommends other useful books on the subject of Creation Science. Recommended for junior high – adult. Beginner to intermediate level understanding of creation issues. You may download if for FREE here: http://www.answersingenesis.org/articles/lie Published by Master Books, copyright 1987. ISBN #0-89051-158-6 www.MasterBooks.net On a scale of 1-5, I’d give this a 4.75...

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