The Foundations – Ken Ham DVD set (A Review)

Ken Ham is the nation’s leading spokesperson for Young Earth Creationism (YEC). Ken has spoken at hundreds and hundreds of events all over the world, talking about how all of the major doctrines of the church, and issues we face in life, have their origins in the book of Genesis. While Answers in Genesis had previously released teaching videos from Mr. Ham on his key topics, they realized that they...

Interview with Buddy Davis of Answers in Genesis

Interview with Buddy Davis of Answers in Genesis One of my favorite people in Christian ministry today is Buddy Davis. I first met Buddy and Kay (briefly) when he was speaking in my home state of Michigan in about 2008 or so. He was speaking at a wild game dinner for hunters and outdoorsmen. A lot of the people in attendance were only there to hear stories about hunting big game, and Buddy’s wilderness adventures. But, as he does, Buddy turned the...

“The Lie: Evolution” – by Ken Ham (Review)

(Genesis – The Key to Defending Your Faith) Ken Ham is one of the leading Christian apologists of our day, and his book, The Lie: Evolution, is a great resource for every Christian library. Ken explains how science cannot prove where the universe came from (because the theory of origins relates to a historical event which cannot be observed or duplicated through modern scientific methods), and how both...

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