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Eric Holder wants to make Zimmerman pay.

As disturbing as the recent Zimmerman trial has been, the most shocking part of this story may still be unfolding. A Florida jury acquitted neighborhood watch citizen George Zimmerman of second-degree murder in the fatal-shooting death of Trayvon Martin. The U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, has decided that the jury got it wrong, and that Zimmerman still needs to pay, saying, “we must...

Should Christian Ministries Seek 501-C-3 Status with IRS?

Athanatos Christian Ministries, an apologetics ministry based out of Wisconsin, is one of the few Christian ministries that not only does not have tax exempt status, but deliberately refused to pursue it. In light of revelations that the IRS has been targeting conservative organizations based on their beliefs, ACM’s decision, made in 2008, now seems prescient. On the ‘donation’...

Behind the Scenes of the Kermit Gosnell case

Many of you have been following the Kermit Gosnell case. He was an abortion doctor who brutally murdered babies; even the babies who lived through his abortions. Last year, my mother, Skeet Savage, through her work with Wisdom’s Gate Ministries, had the oppor tunity to share the gospel in the prison where some of his former staff are being incarcerated. By the grace of God, the convicting and...

Genius: The Legacy of John Lennon (Movie Review)

Genius: The Legacy of John Lennon (Movie Review) “Genius” is a new and chilling movie based on the life and tragic murder of John Lennon. The Producer of the Los Angeles-based film company, Ray Comfort, said, “It’s chilling because it reveals what people will do for money. There are ordinary people out there who would kill you. All they need is the right amount of money and the belief that they won’t get caught.” Ken...

Louis Farrakhan & Other Islamic Leaders Call for Muslim Uprising

This year, a number of Muslim leaders from around the world have called for an Islamic uprising. Some places that have sought political and religious tolerance and freedom have been met with severe dictatorial cruelty to crush protests. In the past year, we have seen political uprisings in Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco & Bahrain. Now American leaders like...

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