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Biblical Archaeology — Interview w/ Dr. Jeffrey Hudon

Biblical Archaeology — Interview w/ Dr. Jeffrey Hudon Recently, I was blessed to participate in an exceptional 12-week course on the topic of the Dead Sea Scrolls, taught by Dr. Jeff Hudon, Ph.D. This course was offered, surprisingly, by our church, as an adult Sunday School class (Jeff and I attend the same church). I have never interviewed anyone here on the topic of Archaeology before, but I consider it to be an important part of Historical Apologetics. It is my honor to introduce Dr. Hudon to you, and encourage you to learn more about him and his work. Dr. Hudon is an Adjunct Professorn of Old Testament at Bethel College and a Research Associate at Andrews University. He has a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in History and Biblical Studies from Simpson University, an M.A. in Biblical History from Jerusalem University College, an M.A. in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary, and a Ph.D. in Near Eastern Archaeology and Old Testament Exegesis from Andrews University. He also serves as a Graduate Assistant for the American Schools of Oriental Research and Administrative Director of the Tall Hisban Cultural Heritage Project. Israel Wayne: What motivated you to pursue Archaeology as a student, and then as a professional teaching career? Dr. Jeffrey Hudon: I like to describe archaeology as something akin to having a “fifth gospel.”  By that I mean that archaeology, as a science, consistently illuminates the biblical text and continually contributes new, often exciting data to our knowledge of the biblical world.  Observing and participating in this quest is the basis for my passionate interest in this subject.  However, my interest in excavation actually began when, as a young boy, I “excavated” the family garbage dump in the woods behind our home.  The dump contained household trash and rusty machinery, including a 1934 Chevy!  My parents were not amused, but this early experience instilled in me the thrill of discovery as well as revealed information about how my grandparents lived, which became a most important first lesson in my archaeological methodology training; that is, interpreting and gleaning information from finds. Israel Wayne: What were some of the archaeological finds throughout history that have been the most encouraging to you personally in terms of supporting your view of the historicity of the Bible? Dr. Jeffrey Hudon: One of the highlights of my year is attending the meetings of archaeological societies and hearing papers describing the often thrilling discoveries made during the previous field season.  Consistently, the most important of these finds...

Thoughts on 30+ Years of Homeschooling — w/ Chris Davis

Thoughts on 30+ Years of Homeschooling — w/ Chris Davis As a homeschooled graduate who began homeschooling in the late 1970s and 1980s, I have a desire to introduce current homeschoolers to their history. Chris Davis was one of the pioneers of the modern-day homeschooling movement. He was the founder of The Elijah Company, one of most successful homeschooling book catalogs of the 1980s and 90s, is an author of several books on home education, and is the founder of a homeschooling travel ministry. For many years Chris spoke around the nation, encouraging and equipping Christian parents for the task of raising their children to fulfill God’s unique calling on their lives. I am grateful to call Chris a friend and am excited about introducing you to his wisdom. — Israel Wayne Israel Wayne: Tell us about your background in education and what led you to the radical decision to home educate your own sons. (What year did you begin homeschooling?) Chris Davis: It is my experience that a person’s worldview changes only when he discovers truths he did not previously know. The Bible calls this “repentance” which literally means “afterwards, to understand”. Sometimes God has to deal with a person in such a way that, afterwards, he is forced to understand things he would not have accepted without God’s dealings which are often lovingly painful. So it was that in 1982, my 4 month old son was diagnosed with a terminal disease, a personal, drawn-out crisis that caused me to reconsider everything I had been taught (and had accepted) about God, the Church, and just about everything else I believed to be “truth”. My soul was in turmoil and my life at a crossroads. Not the best place for a young pastor to be. Into this confusion, God came to me with Jeremiah 6:16 promising that if I “stand at the crossroads and look, and ask for the ‘ancient path’—once I discovered that path and was willing to take it—I would find rest for my soul”. As I questioned everything from who He is to what His church means to how to raise children, I began to build what I considered a biblical framework and a very personal, faith relationship with my Father. About 1984 I left the professional pastorate and also decided my sons would not attend public school, an educational decision which was illegal at the time. Israel Wayne: What do you see as some of the greatest difficulties families face when they make the transition from institutional classroom schooling to a home-based learning environment? Chris Davis: My sense is that families face the same difficulties and basic...

Mission Imperative – Mike Snavely – Interview

Mission Imperative – Mike Snavely – Interview Mike Snavely of Mission Imperative is one of the best-kept secrets in the Creationist community. I’ve known Mike for nearly a decade. His content is Biblical, engaging and compelling. I wanted to introduce him to you through this interview. Israel Wayne: What led you into a Creation ministry? Mike Snavely: I grew up in South Africa among the Zulu people, where my parents were missionaries. The location of our hospital station was in the middle of superb game country, so we were always surrounded by fascinating varieties of wildlife. I learned from an early age to appreciate all sizes and varieties of living creatures, and through my personal “zoo” I learned a great deal about how animals function in nature. Furthermore, I had no problem understanding from what I was seeing that these beautiful creatures were specifically designed by God and given an astounding degree of instinctive abilities. Based on this, I became an early “creationist enthusiast”. However, I also knew, later on in my life, that I was interested in going into a ministry – somehow – but had no idea what or where. I knew I wanted to use my interest in nature, but there was no outlet for it, no way to use this interest in ministry. I eventually married, and my wife and I went back to South Africa as missionaries and taught at Durban Bible College. It was when we were back in the USA that a certain event happened that changed the course of our ministry. I was asked by one of the pastors of our church to develop and teach an adult Sunday School class on creation (vs. evolution) for one quarter (13 weeks). I enthusiastically launched into this, never having attempted anything like it before. Back then, there was no such thing as PowerPoint or computers – only overhead projectors! So many things were new to me, and I tried to put things together in a reasonable format. The course brought out so many questions from people that it caused me to delve ever deeper into the different subjects for answers – which eventually led to the various seminars I present today. After the completion of the class, I was invited, more and more, to speak in churches on the topic. Word began to spread. Simultaneously, the doors for us going back to South Africa kept closing. After a while, we finally got the hint that maybe the Lord was changing the direction...

College vs. Christianity? — Collegiate Impact

As someone who works in the field of Christian Apologetics, I often hear the sad stories of students who, after a semester or two of college, declare themselves to be Atheists or Agnostics. Many Christian parents are wondering how to navigate these difficult waters with their young adults. I want to introduce to you, Dave Warn, and Collegiate Impact, a Christian campus ministry that is here to help. — Israel Wayne Israel Wayne: How did you develop an interest in serving college students? Dave Warn: I became a follower of Jesus during my second year of college. I was lost and felt empty without purpose in life when someone shared the gospel with me. After I came to faith I began to realize that I had a growing desire to help college students find the Lord and grow in their faith, just like someone had helped me. I’ve never regretted the decision to serve Christ full-time in the world of higher education. Israel Wayne: What is the overall vision / mission for Collegiate Impact? Dave Warn: Collegiate Impact exists to see hearts ignited in their love for Christ and campuses transformed. Once believers are revived, experiencing the “streams of living water” that Jesus promised, they become a potent force on campus. Then, as these believers seek God together, a greater move of the Spirit is possible and this is how an entire campus can be influenced. While ministering at the University of Wisconsin, we experienced the Lord move in this way and fruit was dramatic. Israel Wayne: What are some of the greatest dangers that Christian students face on a college campus? Dave Warn: The greatest danger on many campuses is to adopt the prevailing campus mindset. On a Christian college there may be a mindset of apathy toward serving the Lord wholeheartedly. The campus atmosphere is more about hanging out with friends and getting good grades. On a public university the campus mindset usually does not include God so it is tempting to completely leave Jesus out of the conversation. Of course there are further implications of adopting the prevailing mindset on either Christian and secular schools such as sexual promiscuity, worldliness, and pride. Israel Wayne: How can parents help their students to be prepared for what they will face once they enter higher education? Dave Warn: First, parents need to assess the youth ministry their son or daughter is involved in at church. There are two fundamental questions that need to be asked about their current youth group experience. First, has the hook-up culture of the local public...

Interview with Buddy Davis of Answers in Genesis

One of my favorite people in Christian ministry today is Buddy Davis. I first met Buddy and Kay (briefly) when he was speaking in my home state of Michigan in about 2008 or so. He was speaking at a wild game dinner for hunters and outdoorsmen. A lot of the people in attendance were only there to hear stories about hunting big game, and Buddy’s wilderness adventures. But, as he does, Buddy turned the topic to Salvation by faith in Christ alone. It was great to see his boldness and courage in representing Christ, and upholding the authority of Scripture, even to unbelievers. Our children love his books and his music CDs and DVDs. I highly recommend that you have Buddy in to speak at your church, camp or conference. Also, check out Buddy’s blog and his Facebook page (which is one of my favorite social media pages; there is always something inspiring!). Now you can get to  know him better, through this exclusive interview. — Israel Wayne Israel Wayne: How did you get involved in Creation ministry? Buddy Davis: My Creation ministry came about as a result of sculpturing dinosaurs. When I first started sculpturing I believed in evolution. I was a Christian, but all I ever heard was evolution and I accepted it. Early on, an insurance agent stopped by my sculpturing studio and asked if he could give me some literature on creation from the Institute of Creation Research. I agreed and when I read the material, it was like a drink of water in a desert. I could believe the Bible when it talked about Creation! I didn’t have to believe in evolution. I was so excited and I kept reading and studying. There were many scientists who believed in Creation. My dinosaur models drew youth groups from area churches and when the pastor’s saw I had answers about dinosaurs, they invited me to come and speak to their congregation. That started my journey into the Creation ministry. In 1994, I met Ken Ham who had just started Answers in Genesis ministries in Kentucky. He did a conference in my home town of Mt. Vernon, Ohio. After the conference, I showed him my dinosaur models and played him a song that I had written called, “He Makes Dreams Out of Nothing”. That evening opened up my music ministry as well as getting an opportunity to start my children’s ministry. Israel Wayne: How did you begin to do...

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