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Would Ivy League Students Conduct Nazi-Style Torture Tests?

Author Eric Metaxas speaks about German Theologian, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and his resistance to Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. Bonhoeffer was part of a resistance movement to oppose Hitler, a move that ultimately cost him his life. Unlike most of the pastors in Germany in the 1930s and 40s, Bonhoeffer was not content to sit idly and do nothing. He joined an underground group of church leaders to form a...

What is Post-Postmodernism?

After the Protestant Reformation, a new ethos pervaded the Western world. Christianity began to infiltrate every aspect of culture, from the Arts to Literature, from Philosophy to Science. But then French Enlightenment thinkers like Voltaire, Rousseau and Decartes began to assert that we could know truth and reality apart from revelation; we could be good without God. When Charles Darwin published On the...

Dr. Francis Schaeffer speaks from the grave to the U.S. Supreme Court

Dr. Francis Schaeffer speaks from the grave to the U.S. Supreme Court You cannot have true freedom when it rests solely on the arbitrary decisions of a small group of individuals at a given time. Dr. Francis Schaeffer predicted in 1982 the judicial tyranny that was coming 30+  years later, when our U.S. Supreme Court would be legislating from the bench. When you replace absolute morality with Relativism, you will inevitably end up with tyranny. “We must understand something...

John Piper interviews Rick Warren on…doctrine!

Rick Warren is one of the most famous preachers of our day. He is the author of the runaway NY Times best-seller, The Purpose-Driven Life. Rick Warren has given a lot of interviews over the years, and a number of them have gotten him in some hot water, including his controversial appearances on Larry King Live and Colbert Nation with Stephen Colbert on Comedy Central (not to mention his prayer at...

How the Patriot Act is Unconstitutional — Rand Paul

Congressman Rand Paul discusses the Patriot Act and how we have exchanged our Liberty for Security: Exchanging Liberty for Security always ends in Tyranny. Israel Wayne is an Author and Conference Speaker. He is the Director of Family Renewal, LLC and Site Editor for www.ChristianWorldview.net.

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