How to Become a Cult Leader (In Seven Easy Lessons)

How to Become a Cult Leader (In Seven Easy Lessons) While I understand that being a cult leader isn’t something to which most people aspire, it seems to me that there are always a number of folks out there (especially religious folks) who are about two steps away from acquiring this infamous distinction; they just don’t know it yet. Or maybe they’ve tried hard and just haven’t had the breaks. Whatever the case, I’m going to help you out by...

The Idolatry of Celebrity

The Idolatry of Celebrity It’s a strange thing about celebrity. Nearly everyone dreams of being really famous…until they are. Then they usually hate it. Celebrities hire publicists and marketing gurus to help them build their brand identity, and widen their exposure. However, once they have achieved a high level of recognition, they retreat into their private cocoons, and begin a futile battle against the Paparazzi,...

He’s Sick, Not Sinful

He’s Sick, Not Sinful Consider this: Why is it that people only excuse their bad behavior on mental illness, but never their good. Whenever they help a little old lady across the street, or give money to a poor neighbor to help with rent, that always gets chalked up to their own moral goodness.It’s only when they kill, or steal, or lie, or commit suicide that people start talking about it being something quite apart from...

Are Dads Making a Cultural Resurgence?

I have noticed an interesting trend recently. In years past, fathers were the constant butt of jokes on television. Dads are often represented on TV and movies as bumbling, inept fools, who must be rescued from themselves by their obviously superior children and wives. There are still a number of companies who choose to portray fathers in this light through their corporate advertising. Here are a couple...

Who is Really Being Rude Here?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’ve heard the smash pop hit, “Rude” by the group Magic!. It speaks about a young man, seeking permission to marry a traditional man’s daughter. He is turned down by the young lady’s father, but rather than being rebuffed, he retorts with the line, “I’m gonna marry her anyway!” This is obviously a...

Will a Trained Child Depart?

“Train up a child in the way he should go (on his own customized path), and when he is old/older/grown he will not depart/will return.” (Proverbs 22:6) This passage has given parents and Bible teachers fits for many years. There are lots of different explanations regarding what this text is teaching (including a few I’ve included in the verse above). If we do our job correctly as parents, does that...

Reexamining the Patriarchal Vision

I was recently approached by a mother at a homeschooling convention who heard me speak to the teens on the topic of “Waiting for True Love.” She brought her 11-yr-old daughter up to me and said, “Mr. Wayne, can you please tell my daughter why, when she turns 18, that she needs not to date guys and needs to allow her father and I to pick the person she marries?” I studied her face for a moment to see if...

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