Church Talk not in the Bible

Church Talk not in the Bible Have you ever stopped to consider how many “church words” we use that aren’t found anywhere in the Bible? I’m going to share with you a partial list of terms that Christians say all the time, that you will NOT find in the Word of God. I concede that SOME of these principles are rooted in the teachings of the Bible, the terms, however, are not. MANY of the concepts are not at all supported by the teachings of Scripture, but are, in fact, simply man-made traditions. Man-made tradition isn’t always bad, but when it is elevated to the same level as the teachings of God’s Word, it will inevitably lead to Phariseeism, formalism and pious dogmatism. I understand that asking us to question some of these terms and concepts (to see if they are, in fact, rooted in Biblical commands) will be unsettling to some. I think it is important, at times, to make us uncomfortable as we examine our practices to ensure that they we are not just living out a man-made religion, in the name of Christ. For your consideration, I humbly suggest that the following terms (or phrases) are NOT found anywhere in the Bible (this may surprise you): Pew Hymnbook Steeple Sacrament Pope, Monk, Cardinal, Friar, Nun Pastor (okay, it appears once in the NT)  ______ Senior Pastor Associate Pastor Worship Pastor Reverend Youth Group Sunday School Special Music Worship Team / Praise Band Trinity Rapture Purgatory Eternal Security Accepting Jesus as personal savior Sinner’s Prayer Creed Mass Lent Spiritual Retreat Statement of Faith Candidating Missionary Secretary Offering Plate Choir Robes Church (as a building) Theology Small Group Life Group Seminary Slain in the Spirit Church Board Altar Call Legalism Building Fund Spare the rod, spoil the child God helps those who help themselves Cleanliness is next to godliness Closing eyes to pray Church Service or Worship Service Children’s Church Carry-in-Dinner (Potluck) Fellowship Meal Easter Ash Wednesday Christmas Praying a Hedge of Protection Seed Faith Prayer Warrior / Prayer Partner Accountability Partner Prayer Chain Prayer Request Traveling Mercies Baptismal Clerical Collar Vestments Prayer Covering Spiritual Covering Catechism Session (of Elders) Denomination Millennium Omniscient Omnipresent Devotions Quiet Time Family Altar Social Justice Eschatology Calvinism Arminianism Pentecostal Charismatic Protestant Evangelical Catholic Incarnation Immaculate Conception Worldview Once Saved, Always Saved Ask Jesus into Your Heart Backsliding Confirmation Name it and Claim It Prosperity Gospel Fundamentalist Re-dedication Revival Bible Christianity       …do we have anything left to...

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