Mission Imperative – Mike Snavely – Interview

Mission Imperative – Mike Snavely – Interview Mike Snavely of Mission Imperative is one of the best-kept secrets in the Creationist community. I’ve known Mike for nearly a decade. His content is Biblical, engaging and compelling. I wanted to introduce him to you through this interview. Israel Wayne: What led you into a Creation ministry? Mike Snavely: I grew up in South Africa among the Zulu people, where my parents were missionaries. The location of our hospital station was in the middle of superb game country, so we were always surrounded by fascinating varieties of wildlife. I learned from an early age to appreciate all sizes and varieties of living creatures, and through my personal “zoo” I learned a great deal about how animals function in nature. Furthermore, I had no problem understanding from what I was seeing that these beautiful creatures were specifically designed by God and given an astounding degree of instinctive abilities. Based on this, I became an early “creationist enthusiast”. However, I also knew, later on in my life, that I was interested in going into a ministry – somehow – but had no idea what or where. I knew I wanted to use my interest in nature, but there was no outlet for it, no way to use this interest in ministry. I eventually married, and my wife and I went back to South Africa as missionaries and taught at Durban Bible College. It was when we were back in the USA that a certain event happened that changed the course of our ministry. I was asked by one of the pastors of our church to develop and teach an adult Sunday School class on creation (vs. evolution) for one quarter (13 weeks). I enthusiastically launched into this, never having attempted anything like it before. Back then, there was no such thing as PowerPoint or computers – only overhead projectors! So many things were new to me, and I tried to put things together in a reasonable format. The course brought out so many questions from people that it caused me to delve ever deeper into the different subjects for answers – which eventually led to the various seminars I present today. After the completion of the class, I was invited, more and more, to speak in churches on the topic. Word began to spread. Simultaneously, the doors for us going back to South Africa kept closing. After a while, we finally got the hint that maybe the Lord was changing the direction...

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