Erasing Hell – by Francis Chan (Response to Rob Bell’s “Love Wins”)


Francis Chan is writing a new book about hell. As the book won’t be out until July 5th, I have not yet read it and therefore can’t endorse it. However, I was impressed with what he had to say on this video, and I would encourage you to hear his thoughts. As he says, we can’t afford to get this issue wrong.



One Response to “Erasing Hell – by Francis Chan (Response to Rob Bell’s “Love Wins”)”

  1. Fred says:

    I’ll read Chan’s book. Reading Crazy Love now. Have read summaries of Bell’s book, Love Wins, as well as reviews from respected Christian leaders.

    Thank you, Francis, for reminding me of the humility required to approach the Potter’s Word.

    Kevin Harney has written a fine article in response to Bell’s theology and writings after having met with him to discuss both. It’s at http://www.sermoncentral.com.

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